Integrative Nutrition Consultation

From the very first session, you'll transform your thinking about food and your relationship with your body
Personalized Nutrition
Let me help you reach optimal health, overcome fatigue, digestive, hormonal, inflammatory, auto-immune and weight related symptoms.
Getting started with a detailed body analysis will give us an exact measure of important factors that define your starting point, including:

  • Your Weight
  • Percentage of Body Fat
  • Your Muscle Mass
  • Typical Energy Levels
  • Specific Problem Areas

We provide you with a hand-tailored, custom nutritional care plan to match your body's specific needs. You'll quickly learn which foods are good for you, and what's best to avoid.

It's my goal to have you feel comfortable during this initial meeting. I will guide you towards setting goals and establishing good lifetime habits to aid you in achieving long-lasting results!

Initial consultations are between 60-70 minutes, and are normally fully covered by insurance, including Aetna, Horizon BCBS, and United Healthcare. Self-pay options are also available. Follow up consultations are generally 30 minutes, and this is where we review progress and measure, monitor and adjust to fit YOUR comfort /commitment level.

Modern + Digital Care
We offer digital meal planning and cooking classes to assist you in achieving your upmost health. All the tools you need to reach success will be at your fingertips.

If needed, I will recommend science based supplements, lab testing, or referrals to other health care professionals.
Eating Healthy
Work to establish improved eating habits, a customized diet, and education for eating healthy. Change your relationship with food, for the better!
Thinking Healthy
Transform your understanding of what it means to be healthy. Good health is not exclusive to diet and exercise; your mindset also plays an important role.
Staying Healthy
Understand why diets traditionally fail, and how a customized approach will help you achieve your health and nutritional goals while escaping the common pitfalls.
Dive Deeper into your health
There's no such thing as a one size fits all approach to diet, nutrition, fitness, and disease prevention. Nutrigenomic testing identifies your unique genotype.

What foods are nutrients are key to your weight loss goals?

What is the best macro ratio for your body?

What are your best practices with diet and lifestyle for optimal steps for disease prevention?

What vitamins do you need more of?

What foods fuel you?

What role does exercise play in your health, and what is the best type of exercise for YOU?

Are you genetically intolerant to gluten and dairy?

Is caffeine a detriment to your health or a benefit to your health?

These are some of the questions answered with personalized nutrigenomic DNA testing. We now know that specific variations in our genes can explain how we respond to specific foods, supplements, exercise, and lifestyle factors and how these can epigenetically influence our individual genes to turn on or turn off. Our genes provide a blueprint for us to navigate with cutting-edge precision.

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