Gut Health & Testing

Comprehensive Testing and Treatment Services for Digestive Health
Gut and Digestive Health
Have you been diagnosed with irritable bowel, Celiac disease, Crohns, Colitis or GERD? Maybe you are trying to follow a low FODMAP or gluten free diet, and need a bit of help.

Let me assist you in putting together a nutrition plan based on your diagnosis in an easy to understand and simplified way.

Sometimes simple dietary changes are all that are needed, but digestive health issues can also be complex. We may explore lab testing, and lifestyles changes which can make a huge difference!
Food Sensitivity
Food Sensitivities are your body's response (IgG antibody reactions) to certain foods that occur hours to days after they are consumed. Vibrant is the only company utilizing a chemiluminescent method of detecting food sensitivities on a silicon chip. Tests are performed in a single reaction vessel enabling high accuracy & precision.

We can aid your nutritional progress and overall health with properly implementing the right foods for your body, and it all starts with eliminating the possibility of food sensitivity.
Wheat Sensitivity
Wheat sensitivity is an autoimmune disorder where patients respond to wheat ingestion by eliciting antibodies against components of wheat.

If you think you may suffer from wheat sensitivity, it's important to get tested so the problem can be identified and addressed properly.