Susan Markowitz RD
The Anti-Aging Dietitian
Creating Health, Longevity and Happiness Through Customized Nutrition.
Recent Recognition
2020 - Allied Health Professional of the Year
2021 - TLS Coach of the Year
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There is a lot of confusing nutritional advice out there...

Let Me Help You Discover What's True!

Personal counseling, delivered with a smile
Specially tailored plans that fit your needs
Appointments via phone, videocall, or in-person
Long Lasting
Unlike diets, our programs are designed for the long-run
Comprehensive Nutrition & Wellness Programs
Health and Nutrition Solutions for Men and Women
  • Nutrition Consultations
    We provide targeted nutritional sessions to improve your health and well-being with a focus on one or more areas.
  • Supplements
    Review your diet, age, risk factors, and overall health then develop a supplement regimen that is specifically suited to your body and its needs.
  • Weight Management
    Learn how a proper diet can be equally if not more important to weight management than exercise alone.
  • + More
    We work with you individually to understand your specific needs and goals. Get in touch to learn more!
Integrative, Intelligent Nutrition
As an experienced Clinical Dietitian with over 28 years of experience I can help you eat healthier, enjoy the foods you love, and feel better while doing it.

Research shows us that 80% of our health is related to what we eat. This means the fuel we put into our bodies has an enormous impact on not only our health, but our overall quality of life.

Proper nutrition is an ongoing process, and I am here to help you navigate that journey. I am your personal coach and your mentor to a healthier and happier life. I am with you every step of the way as we move forward to feeling, looking, and living better - even if there are setbacks.

About Nutrition Happiness
My name is Susan Markowitz RD, I'm an integrative Dietitian and Nutritionist in Far Hills, New Jersey. I love working with amazing people and helping them meet their health goals. Even before I was an integrative dietitian, I always had a deep caring for people's health.

As your coach to a healthier life, I offer decades of experience to my patients. By utilizing a holistic approach, our mission is not to treat symptoms but to address the underlying causes. The results are nothing less than phenomenal.

We help our patients to live healthier not only by understanding their needs, but through listening to their struggles, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing customized nutrition programs that focus on both short and long-term goals.
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